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The Sisneros Advantage

By having experienced duct manufacturers, investing in equipment & employees, and having an intense training program built around industrial duct systems, we can supersede any other duct manufacturer in the country when it comes to custom stainless steel ductwork.

As we reinvest in our manufacturing abilities we have determined that it is in our clients best interest to have & create longer standard lengths of pipe, clamp connection (quick connect), and to have a large amount of various types of

stainless steel in stock at all times. This process saves time and money.

Below are examples of our products verses other products in the market. 

This is NOT our ductwork.  These are examples of what is typically sourced by duct suppliers.


Example A: Stainless steel duct showing the welds as burned through.

Example B: Another prime example of a "dirty" weld. These welds will corrode just like carbon. 

Exhibit C: OUR PRODUCT with the correct amount of gas coverage. This is achieved by having certified welders who not only have superior technique, but are also educated and know how to correctly set their TIG (GTAW) machine. A weld such as this will not deteriorate or corrode like the welds above. Essentially, this eliminates any weak points or point of entry for corrosion.

Certified Stainless Steel Welders

Other advantages that have come about due to our reinvesting in our manufacturing abilities including things such as longer standard lengths of pipe, clamp connection (quick connect), and having a large amount of various types of stainless steel in stock.

Large pipe with mounted taps

64”Ø x 8’ length pipe with mounted taps.

This is achieved with the common use of “stack” welding.

Large pipes with manifolded taps
Example E: 

30”Ø x 8’ length pipes with manifolded taps.  They are all spaced correctly so there were no field cuts.

Exhibit F: Clamp together duct system for a defense contractor for an oil mist system. The customer requested a fully polished exterior. This is one of the many other benefits that Sisneros Bros. Mfg. can provide.

304 Polished System, Clamp together duct system
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